If you are a landlord considering renting property as an HMO, Four Trees Lettings is the agency for you. 

All our staff have extensive knowledge and expertise around all aspects of shared housing.

We believe in rents that are affordable for tenants and viable for landlords.


  • Guaranteed rent
  • A local office with local staff
  • No tenancy set up fee
  • No extension set up fee
  • No charge for statements
  • No change of sharer fee
  • No charge for end of tenancy inspection
  • No charge for inventories at the start of the tenancy
  • Out of hours service for repairs

Guaranteed Rent

We understand that tenants’ circumstances change, but landlords deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from guaranteed rent. For this reason, we are offering guaranteed rent. So even if one or even two of your rooms are empty, we will still pay the agreed rent on the whole property.

The guaranteed rent would stop if we were unable to let a room due to pandemic or if a tenant was in 8 weeks rent arrears and you failed to take the necessary court action.

You will receive 70-80% of the LHA rate, this will be dependent upon the location and standard of your property. We believe that our tenants have the right to a good standard of accommodation but know that this comes at a cost.

Contact us for more details.